martedì 18 settembre 2012

Col du Mont Cenis (Day 4)

Colazione eccezionale che compensa la scarsità del giorno precedente.
Oggi di nuovo colle del Moncenisio, ma questa volta per tornare a casa.

Lo stop all'alpeggio del  Petit Moncenis per comprare formaggio è un must. Qui vendono il migliore Formage Blue che abbia mai mangiato.

Il rifugio del Piccolo Moncenisio è anche un posto favoloso, se siete in zona ve lo raccomando, è in ottima posizione con prati verdi e circondato dalle montagne, e se non affollato come oggi, si possono persino udire le marmotte.

 è anche molto facile avvistare le marmotte che in questa area del Petit Moncenis sono numerose.

Vorrei concludere il viaggio con una citazione da una scritta che ho letto sull'asfalto mentre ero in salita sul Moncenisio e che ha attirato la mia attenzione...

"The pain is temporary, the glory is forever"

Non è una grande gloria se la pensiamo in termini assoluti, ma per il riuscire a concludere questo viaggio è un grande successo.

Un ringraziamento speciale alla mia famiglia che mi ha sempre supportato con entusiasmo. Molte grazie anche a Extrawheel per la sponsorship e Cicli Bergamin per i materiali usati.

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2012-09-17 Last day (Day 4)

domenica 16 settembre 2012

Col de L'Iseran (Day 3)

Il soggiorno ad Aigueblanche è stato perfetto sino al momento della colazione. Non mi sarei mai aspettato una colazione così scarsa. La signora anziana che serviva la colazione non mi ha pratcamente considerato quando sono entrato nella sala, mi ha servito soltanto un te con pochissimo pane e un croissant. Come posso iniziare una tappa con 50 km di salita con questa colazione? Allora ho chiesto per prosciutto e formaggio, me li ha portati sgarbatamente come se fosse una richiesta del tutto insolita. Ho chiesto per dell'altro pane, ma ho realizzato che era troppo per lei allora non ho chiesto più nulla. Ho dovuto fare una seconda colazione in Bourg St Maurice, molto meglio.

The route from Aigueblanche to Aime and Bourg St Maurice is really strange because it looks like and highway, with bridges and tunnels but it has bike lane, very strange feeling, I felt safer there than in other narrow road actually.
From Bourg St Maurice a sign says 43 km to Col de l'Iseran that means more or less the same amount of uphill. Bon curage as the French says. The landscapes don’t miss here and the Lac du Chevril below Tignes offered beautiful blue colour to the mountains frame.

After an huge lunch in Val d'Isere I started the uphill towards the top, the last 17 km, the most impressive 2770 m of Col De L’Iseran. .
On the way up I met a really nice American cuboviaggiatore. I hope he doesn't mind I call him cuboviaggiatore, just joking, we had a nice and really pleasant chat. He is travelling with a Panda around Italy, big challenge!! (My old Panda will thank him). So please American friend stay in contact I would love post some picture of your trip.

The satisfaction on the top was great not possible to describe with words, maybe pictures can do it better. Long downhill toward Lanslevillard, where I had a pleasant evening with UK friends

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sabato 15 settembre 2012

Col de la Madeleine (Day 2)

The weather was beautiful and the breakfast abundant.

Starting with the long slow downhill up to St. Jean d Maurienne (actually La Chambre), nothing remarkable except for another strange kind of Cuboviaggiatore, travelling with donkey, great man!!! Never know, my bike sometimes is like a donkey as well ... maybe dependent on my legs.

Starting point of the Col de la Madeleine uphill, a fountain at the base allow you to fill your bottle up. Not enough to satisfy the thirsty up to the top. A second stop was necessary for me.
The long and steep uphill to the Col de la Madeleine, a never finishing uphill (20 Km) as well as Moncenisio.

Nobody can escape from the ritual picture with the signs behind.
At the top the food was waiting for me as an award, nothing comparable with the yesterday sandwich.
The long downhill up to Aigueblanche allows to enjoy the really beautiful landscapes as you can appreciate in the pictures.

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venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Last minute Maurienne Tour (Day 1)

The Moncenisio uphill one of the longest I have never ridden. The Italian side unfortunately is not well maintained even if the landscape is wonderful. There are many buildings abandoned and nor easy to find a place where having food.

I found out only a snack bar which served me a sandwich with bread one day old. The lady tried to make it fresh again putting in the oven... we can discuss about the result.

Almost arrived on the top a strong wind put me in difficulties even to stand and keep bike balance, sometimes I had to walk and the temperature went down up to 9 degrees with even lower perception, but this is was not a problem with my full luggage with me.

What to say about the lake? Always fascinating place and a good subject for pictures.
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2012-09-14 Tour de la Maurienne (Day 1)

mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

The giant of the Alps (Col De l'Iseran)

Bonneval sur l'Arc is the starting point for the south side of the Col de L'Iseran uphill, actually I started from Lanslevillard 30 kms away from the Col de L'Iseran top. Once arrived in in Bonneval I notice in the big welcome sign that it is twin town of Le Baux de Provence... I felt a cold sweat.
The Iseran pass is considered one of the highest in Europe (2770 m), many stages of the Tour de France were arriving in here.
The biggest problem was rather that the slope and the length, the temperature. Despite the sunny day in Bonneval there were 15 degrees and on the top there were 7 degrees with strong wind, hence an even lower temperature perception. Additionally I had only summer bike clothes. For that reason I escaped down and I had no time for the usual picture of the sign were these bikers in this picture are taking.
Maximum slope on the south side from Bonneval is 10.5% (km 7 and km 11), the altitude differnce is 977m and the avarge slope is 7.3%
The uphill from Bonneval gives the possibility to enjoy the view of the glaciers that seem to be more or less at the same altitude.
It is very helpful to have milestones with indication of the distance and the slope. They are also really choreographic.
  • Distance: 70.0 km
  • Total vertical climb: ca. 1200 m
  • Surface: Paved

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Unfortunately when I tried to take pictures with freezing hands at the uphill top, I switched off the mobile, so I lost the trace of the way back.